Kristy Abero
How to Create a Bucket List

How to Create a Bucket List

How the time flies. While 29, I quickly tried to make my way through a pretty ambitious 30 before 30 bucket list in just over four months. I'm a very goal-oriented person, and the list ended up being a blast to try and barrel through. Though I'll be honest, the short timeline was <a href="/personal-growth/how-to-create-a-bucket-list"><i> more</i></a>

eating and drinking coffee while researching should i do the whole30

Should I Do the Whole30?

Instagram is basically my favorite place and I love to follow food bloggers and home cooks. I even tried being a food blogger once, and all it got me was too many mac and cheese recipes. But in the past few years, I saw a new diet with absolutely glowing reviews start spreading. more

yogi on edge of cliff over water ready to take on the world

Ready to Take on the World

I am always looking for a new mantra. A touchstone or belief to return to and repeat to myself to center my mind and move me forward in my life. And lately, I have felt adrift, surging forward without feeling like I had a mantra that resonated within or grounded me. Then one day more