Portland to Denver. Denver to Toronto. Toronto to San Francisco. Whoa. It's been quite a whirlwind over the past two years, which have landed me in a new city yet again. It's been three weeks since I landed in SFO with an outrageous amount of luggage and my cat and now that I've begun settling in it's time to prioritize my goals for exploring. As I am want to do, I've put together a Bay Area Fall Bucket List to get me out of the house and into the city to adventure in ways that will allow me to get to know my new home a little bit better as we enjoy the "San Francisco Summer" aka Fall.  

I'm currently crashing on my sister's couch in Oakland and commute to the city each day for work in San Francisco. So most of the things I want to do right now are in Oakland and San Francisco. It's a super easy trip from the East Bay to the city, and one of the items on the bucket list is literally a ferry boat from one to the other, so this list could be fun for anyone that's in the Bay for a vacation or trip and a bit off the beaten path of main tourist attractions.

As a note, there are three, yes three, different farmers markets on this list. What can I say? I'm super excited to be living in a place where farmers markets are open year round and halfway into October we're not starting to worry about the cold or grey of winter. So yes, I'm going to do all of the outdoor produce shopping this fall.

Rounding out this bucket list are parks and walks, ocean views, a monthly street fair, a restaurant, and some shopping goals. I'm looking forward to checking off all the items on this list. Whose with me?

  1. See the ocean from Golden Gate Park
  2. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
  3. Go Thrifting
  4. Oakland First Friday
  5. Ferry from Oakland to San Francisco
  6. Dolores Park Picnic
  7. Louis' Restaurant on the Cliffs
  8. Ferry Building Farmers Market
  9. Jack London Square Farmers Market
  10. Grand Lake Farmers Market

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