Toronto is famous for its Winters but locals rave all Winter long about how amazing the Summers are. It was late Fall when I first moved to Toronto and I was out and about so much. But then Winter hit and I really took hibernation to a whole new level. Now that I've been living in Toronto for seven months, I have found myself needing some motivation to get out and discover the city more because I have officially become a homebody. To get myself into gear, I decided to take my own advice and make a Toronto Summer Bucket List. 

I've mostly done big bucket lists, like my 30 before 30. And I even wrote about the important things to take into account when making a bucket list. So I wanted to give myself a timeframe to really get out and explore the city. And what greater marker of time is there than the Summer Solstice to kick this off. And now I have no excuse but to do the things that have been on my to-do list while the weather is actually nice. 

Toronto Summer Bucket List

  1. Go to Toronto Island - The island is a huge park in the Lake Ontario that you can only get to by boat. I honestly didn't even know it was there until I went on a brunch cruise when my parents were in town. I want to take a water taxi over to the island and bike around with a picnic and dream about having a sailboat. 
  2. Go to a beach on Lake Ontario - I'm new to the great lakes, but they really are more like oceans than lakes in their vastness. Toronto has a bunch of beaches along its Eastern shores and I want to take my beach chair and a bottle of wine and sit in the sun with a book at least one day, if not more, this Summer. 
  3. Visit High Park - Portland has a surprisingly large selection of large and small parks that really do make you feel like you're outside of the city. Toronto has a few but High Park is their Big Kahuna. I meant to make it over for the Cherry Blossoms but didn't. So now I want to make sure I make it over to explore and get some fresh air. 
  4. Hike Don Valley - After inquiring about green spaces in Toronto I was told that Don Valley is a great place to go on hikes in the city. I may try and find a meet up to do this, but I do want to see what this whole valley/ravine situation is. 
  5. Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market - When doing research on nature in the city a friend said to check out Evergreen Brickworks. I know they have a Farmer's Market on Saturdays in the Summer, so my plan is to wrap those two together and make it a little adventure. 
  6. Art Gallery of Ontario - For someone with a degree in Art History, I have not made much of an effort to see the art in Toronto. I want to make a point of making it to the AGO and seeing what Ontario has on display. 
  7. Try Downward Dog Yoga Studio - I go to Iam Yoga Midtown here in Toronto, which I really love. Especially my Sunday class with Elaine Clark. But while it is chill and great for internal reflection, I miss a rambunctious space with pumped up music and a sweet sweaty flow. I've heard Downward Dog Studio offers that, so I want to check it out. 
  8. Go to a Street Fair or Festival - Someone told me that there are fairs every weekend in Toronto. I made it to the Taste of Italy by chance last weekend and it was so fun to just walk and people watch. I don't know which festival I'm going to go to, but I'm putting it on my radar so I can make it to at least one. 
  9. See a $5 Tuesday movie at Carlton Cinema - I live like three blocks from the Carlton Cinema which does $5 Tuesday movies. I adore going to movies by myself, so I really have no excuse to not leave my house on some Tuesday evening this Summer and catch a cheap flick. 
  10. Explore St. Lawrence Market - This is technically on every Toronto bucket list, tourist map, and recommendation roundup. I've literally tried to take each visitor I've gotten, but due to holidays and weekend plans it's always been closed when I try. So instead of waiting for another visitor, the plan is to make a day of exploring this world-famous food market. 

I'm going to try to stay chill about this bucket list, and if need be, let it flow into Fall. In reality, my goals for this list are to get me outside of my house and out in the world in a new city. Without friends or a community, it can be hard to really get out there. But now that I have a list with items to check off I'm really looking forward to getting to know Toronto a little bit better. 

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