I've been in what seems like a million weddings at this point, so it actually takes quite a lot to get me excited about nuptials these days. But when my college bestie, Sarah Ruth, announced she was engaged I knew this was going to be a wedding to get jazzed about. Since the bridesmaids are scattered across the country, she knew she wanted a destination bachelorette party. And since Palm Springs was out of the question in August due to heat, San Diego was the chosen destination. Here's a rundown of the quick two nights in San Diego for her Bachelorette Party. 

As I'm sure you know, two nights is not a long time, and it basically comes out to one full day of fun. For a destination bachelorette party in San Diego, there are so many things to do. But the bride requested a night in to catch up with her closest gals and a night out to get her single lady groove on one last time. Here's what else we crammed into just under 48 hours. 

bride tribe bachelorette balloon decor

Spa Night in at Airbnb

Because ladies were flying in from several different cities a night in was what was in store for our first night in San Diego. We rented an Airbnb in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego which was within walking distance of the ocean. 

There were decorations, flower crowns, and even a chocolate fondue fountain. To be completely frank, the entire night was a blur. At some point, someone ordered 60 tacos and we changed into our pajamas and made face masks. We had planned on playing all of our bachelorette games this night and did manage to get one icebreaker in, but in all honesty, this was just a good old house party with just ladies and champagne and vodka and polaroids. 

Most people passed out early (I think? I lost all track of time.) and a few of us made it down to the beach. Someone went skinny dipping and I slept on the couch. It was the perfect low-key buy all in start to the weekend. 

Omelette Bar

The next morning everyone woke up slowly and made their way downstairs. Omelette fixings were out for everyone to whip up some eggs. It was a chill enough morning that I had enough time to sneak away to journal and yoga on the beach, and picked up backup champagne on my way back to the Airbnb. 

Everyone hydrated and filled up before we all got ready for our afternoon adventure.

panoramic shot of beach and blankets in san diego

Beach Day at Pacific Beach

The next stop was a beach day on Pacific Beach. We put a cooler filled with sangria in a wagon and walked the few blocks to the beach to set up shop in the sun. San Diego is such a perfect beach town. Living in the city has made my soul forget how amazing the ocean is. 

There are plenty of people and it's a wide enough beach that there's a small walk to the water. But the water is full of people and is perfect for boogie boarding. Our Airbnb had boogie boards and was nearby enough that another girl and I ran back and grabbed a pair and attempted to boogie board for a while. I remember it being so easy as a child, while this time around it was more wiping out and laughing hysterically than anything else. Not everyone felt the need for water, but it was there and for those of us who did. 

We were here for about two hours before we started feeling the heat and decided to head back to the house to freshen up and then set out for lunch. 

group of ladies along the boardwalk in mission beach san diego

Lunch on the Boardwalk

After freshening up a bit we went back to explore the boardwalk on Pacific Beach. It is super crowded but there is great people watching. It was about 2 pm in the afternoon and some bars and restaurants were too crowded for even a small group, so we set out in search of a place with shade and enough room to seat all nine of us. 

We found a little place on the water that was just right. Sitting around a table drinking cocktails and eating tacos we each shared how we first met the bride, ranging from the sweet to hilarious. It was the perfect pit stop on our day before we went back to the house for naps and getting ready for our big night out.

PARQ restaurant bachelorette party

Dinner and Dancing at PARQ

The big hurrah for our weekend was our night out at PARQ in the gaslight district of San Diego. We got a deal with the club to have dinner there and then move to a private table with bottle service for a minimum spend, which worked splendidly. We rolled in looking like a million dollars at just passed 8:30 pm and sat down for a nice, light meal. I had the salmon and regret nothing. There was no rush as we had drinks at the table as the club filled up, and by the time we were led to our table, the club was close to full. 

Okay, you know how I said I regret nothing, I guess I stand by that, but I may have drank just a smidge less if we're being real here. There was a bottle of vodka, champagne, rosé, do I remember shots? We had our own private bouncer and a velvet rope around us that meant we didn't have to fend anyone off and danced until we couldn't anymore. The bride got her picture on the big screen and there was a girl with a sign and flashing lights... it was crazy. Made me feel like I was 22 again. 

My memory is that we were kicked out, but everyone else said it was just that the bar was closing and everyone had to leave. I'm praying it was the latter. We sang Britney Spears in the cab ride home and once again a few of us made a late night walk to the ocean. 

I would be lying if I said we weren't hurting in the morning. In the scheme of things, the morning after PARQ was one of my favorite memories of the weekend. Piling onto a bed swapping memories and videos from the night before, laughing until we cried, ordering bagels and pastries on Postmates and trying our darndest to pack up before we had to leave. This morning was a reminder that the best memories are sometimes the moments in between the things you plan. 

While we packed our weekend full of activities, it was getting to see the brides friends together, from all the phases of her life, that was really magical. It's easy to forget that times like this are irreplicable; the likelihood being that another chance for a ladies weekend with this mix of women will not occur again. Even though the wedding will have the same people, husbands, children, and partners will be there, making it entirely different. It was nice to really feel all of the love that we had for Sarah, and share our friendship with each other even if just for two nights in San Diego.