These days, the unknown is my constant companion. I’ve moved across the country from Toronto to San Francisco, and now, I feel as though there is a fog that is covering my life keeping me from seeing what comes next. The bright horizons I was drawn to seem to be muted, leaving me lost and worried about what my future holds. As I listen to the world whir around me, I’m left wondering if there’s something I’m missing or if there’s an action I should be taking to move forward. But instead, I’ve focused on a single mantra to guide me through this transition: allow life to wash over you.

Allow life to wash over you. This mantra still sends shivers up my spine as I close my eyes and bathe in it. Spine shivers are a common way I find myself identifying an idea that is or should be significant to me. I was on my sister's patio in Oakland, overlooking a lake wrapped by a traffic-filled street, journaling when these words splashed upon the page in front of me: allow life to wash over you.

I’ve found comfort in the mantra, reminding myself that there are some things that are outside of my control. What else is truly as wild and cleansing as water? Perhaps that is why this mantra has such a visceral feel to it for me. I can imagine standing with my face tilted toward the sun as warm water is poured over me, inundating me with warmth and saturating me to the bone. Willingly being covered, not fighting to control what’s immersing me; that feeling is exactly what I need in my life right now.

Time will continue to move forward. Life will march onward. New friendships will be made. Options will become choices. And allowing life to wash over me, instead of fighting, planning, or manipulating what will be is just the direction I need.