What does the word Jazzercise bring to your mind? The 80's? Spandex? A viral video? Your mom? Forget all of that. Jazzercise is not a thing of the past but is the aerobics class that's still got it. 

My first Jazzercise class was on a whim. I'd been looking for new exciting ways to mix up my fitness schedule and I knew I liked Zumba, so thought I'd give Jazzercise a try. 

While it is true that I might have been one of the youngest women in the room, that doesn't stop everyone from getting down. After class one day I was chatting with a woman who had been doing Jazzercise for thirty years. THIRTY YEARS. That is some freaking staying power, y'all. 

Jazzercise as Girl Power

Speaking of the women in the room, the demographics of a Jazzercise are like nothing I've seen in a gym before. Where I'm used to the studios of power yoga, and boutique gyms in the city, the attendees range in age from twenty to eighty! This mix of generations lends a sense of feminine strength to the atmosphere. Everyone is shaking their ass, doing hip thrusts, and sashaying around like no one is watching. It's an unexpected reminder that we're all in this together. And as most dance-based classes, the demographics skew dramatically female. 

From the high impact sashays to the low impact marching, seriously anyone can do the class. And it's accompanied by the most fun mix of pop hits. On Valentine's Day they did a love mix for the class I was in: Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and to top it all off, I'm pretty sure we finished with Marvin Gaye. They threw it way back.

If nothing else, Jazzercise is the exercise class that lets go of all pretentiousness and exists to make getting your heart rate up fun. And they know they've got a formula that works; so why mess with something that is a classic. Of course, they mix it up with the top 100 hits and throwing in some barre moves, but hot damn if they don't know what they're doing and doing it well.

4 Reasons I Love Jazzercise

There are so many reasons I'm in love with Jazzercise, but if I had to narrow it down to 4 reasons, here's what they'd be:

  1. I've found a group of people that love pop music as unabashedly as I do. 
  2. You get a full-body aerobic workout that is like a well oiled and perfectly timed machine.
  3. Your coordination, memory, and rhythm are all tested.
  4. The entire dancing format is a reminder that YOU still got it or a lesson in laughing at yourself and having fun because it doesn't matter if you shake your ass 4 beats too soon.

I get my Jazzercise on at the NE Portland Burnside location, that is nestled inside of a nondescript warehouse. I used my ClassPass to take classes there, but I was shocked by how low their monthly rates are. 

Drop-ins are the standard studio rate of $15, but the unlimited monthly pass was like $60.... seriously. ClassPass which does have limits to how often you can take classes at specific studios, but with regular memberships you don't find studios that have unlimited classes for less than $80 unless you're at a 24 Hour Fitness, or GoodLife if you're in Canada. So it's fun... and affordable! 

So, did I change your mind? Would you be willing to try Jazzercise? I've been recruiting friends to join me and we've been having a blast! You can find a class near you by visiting g the Jazzercise site

And here's a special treat, a throwback to the 1989 Aerobics championship synced to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. And yes, we do some of those moves in Jazzercise and it's awesome. 

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